Donate and support Ukrainian people

New Life Church is a place for everyone! The mission of our church is to bring the Good News to everyone. Today our country is full of sad news, despair, and brokenness and in a need of the Good News as never before. That’s why we continue to do what we have been doing for a number of years, bringing light in the midst of darkness! We take care of those who struggle the most, who lost homes, jobs, and try to find a place of safety in our city. Every day the number of such people is growing. We provide food kits and first-hand supplies for refugees, low-income families, the elderly, and internally displaced people. We also prepare meals for the defenders of Ukraine, who are on guard of our country every day. We would like to be helpful and support as many people as possible. Join us in this mission, if you would like to help influence people’s lives and make their world a bit safer place! All together we can make a difference. Any amount appreciated.

Please, choose any source at your convenience to make a donation.

PayPal is a fast and safe place to donate. All donations will be processed through a personal account of the pastor since PayPal is not available for organizations in Ukraine.


All donations using IBAN go directly to the New Life Church bank account. Without additional charges to process card payments.